Happy December!

December 16th, 2014 by Sean Barton No comments »

I’ve just been looking at my own site and I noticed that my last post was 6 months ago. Quite a year I’ve had.. a fair few exciting projects worked on, a few life milestones.. all in all a good year. I’ll start posting more regularly in the new year I expect. As ever any questions, comments or proposals do post or use my contact form and I’ll be in touch. Have a happy Christmas and a wonderful new year. Sean


WooCommerce ‘Test’ payment gateway plugin

July 3rd, 2014 by Sean Barton 2 comments »

I work with WooCommerce a lot as you might remember from previous posts. I frequently find myself asking clients to put through payments for me so I can test landing page modifications which inevitably involves the Paypal sandbox or, more frequently, a relentless payment/refund process which drives me and my clients mad. I have a background in working with WP-Ecommerce but on account of it being hugely unreliable (at the time) and a pain in the backside to effectively theme I … Continue reading


Disqus conflict with WooCommerce rating/review system fix

July 3rd, 2014 by Sean Barton 4 comments »

I was recently asked to fix a conflict between the Disqus plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. It turns out that when active it (Disqus) breaks the rating/review system which is reliant on the WordPress comment functionality. James over at Proserveweb appears to have come up with a crude solution to this but it’s not reliably usable because it relies on editing a plugin as opposed to ‘fixing’ the functionality from your theme or child theme. It’s important to remember that when … Continue reading


WordPress Development 101: A starting point for PHP developers who want to use WP

June 5th, 2014 by Sean Barton No comments »

You might want to set aside some time to read this as it’s quite a long post. It’s all I could think of over a few days of writing but if you have any ideas for areas to extend the guide then please post a comment or contact me. I have had the same conversation with a few people now.. you know the one. “I have been a PHP developer for a fair few years now and really WordPress looks like too much … Continue reading


WordPress snippet – WooCommerce free shipping by role

April 30th, 2014 by Sean Barton 3 comments »

I have just been working on a WooCommerce site were the client needed to allow free shipping for certain levels of user. This seemed like a simple requirement but the WooCommerce line was to use Table Rate Shipping which would be fine if it wasn’t $200 (cmon guys it’s an essential plugin.. it really should be $59 or $79 like other essentials). So the other snippet that was conveniently listed here was to allow free shipping by location. Using the following … Continue reading


WordPress plugin – Restrict Post Taxonomies

April 17th, 2014 by Sean Barton No comments »

I have had the need recently to allow users for a site to post. Other than assigning the appropriate role to grant people access to the admin pages I needed contributors to ONLY be able to post to specific categories. I found a plugin called ‘Restrict Author Posting (link)’ in the WordPress plugin directory but it didn’t really do what I wanted. Not only did it contain rather bad English that I would rather site users not see but it … Continue reading


WP Snippet – show only own items in media uploader

April 17th, 2014 by Sean Barton No comments »

I have just put together a quick snippet for you. The media uploader, by default, will show all items uploaded. When running a community site where people can contribute their own media you might not want to give access to every upload. The following code, when added to your theme functions.php file, will  cause the media uploader to only show uploads for the currently logged in user. The code add_filter(‘ajax_query_attachments_args’, ‘sb_my_attachments_only’); function sb_my_attachments_only($query) { if ($user_id = get_current_user_id()) { if … Continue reading