You have been asking for this so I wrote it for you. This plugin is a very simply way of adding a WYSIWYG controlled tab to your WooCommerce products. It does the legwork for you and all you need to do it edit 1 line in the plugin file to set the tab name and to determine how many tabs you want. I have even provided examples for you in the code.

I might eventually add a little admin system to this but for now you get the following:

$sb_awt_tabs = array(
    'New Tab 1'=>50
    , 'New Tab 2'=>60
    // , 'New Tab 3'=>50
    // , 'New Tab 4'=>50

You will note two tabs are uncommented and two are commented. Simply change the part at the start for the name and the second part is the priority. Very simply put the higher the number the further right in your tab list it will be. If you need more than 4 tabs then simply duplicate a line as normal.

Once you activate the plugin you will notice a new Tiny MCE editor at the bottom of each edit products page. Simply fill it in if you want the tab to show or leave it blank to hide the tab. Nice and easy!

I should add that if you include any shortcodes in the tab editor then they will be read also.. ie a YouTube video or something.


SB Add WooCommerce Tabs (1730 downloads)


This plugin only works with WooCommerce Version 2 or newer. I have already written another post last year to show you how to add new tabs to older versions.

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