I have been using the Divi builder for some time now and one of the most asked for features seems to be a 6 column layout. I saw in one of the groups recently someone had written something to release but it required a code change to the core which wasn’t ideal. I decided to try and work around any core code changes and came up with this proof of concept plugin. I have copied the 4 col CSS and modified it to suit 6 cols along with several breakpoints to drop from 6 to two rows of 3, then to three rows of 2 and finally 1 per row.

I have since added many more types of layout from 5 and 6 columns and different variants of each. See the screenshots for more information. Added more recently are 7 and 8 column layouts which work well also.

It seems this model can be extended to include ANY number of columns although the only snag right now is that the settings button on the ROW doesn’t work. If you’re happy with the layout or are ok styling with CSS for now then this is ideal. Otherwise it will get you the layout you want and I’ll include a fix for the settings button ASAP. Updates will be released soon so watch this page for info.


Divi Extended Column Layouts (16152 downloads)


Since release this plugin has gained lots more layouts, speciality layouts and support for every gutter size available using Divi. Please request different layouts via my contact form or comment on this post and I’ll get it sorted out 🙂

Update 2

The latest version of this plugin (1.8) fixes an issue on some servers where they experienced a fatal error on activation due to an ‘Unexpected T_ELSE’. This has now been sorted. Everything else remains the same.

Update 3

The latest version of this plugin (1.9) just adds a few more column layout options


Original idea based on a post by Divi Web Design. I had been asked for this in the past but assumed it was a big job. In the end it took two hours to write! But then it’s not quite finished so keep an eye on their Facebook feed for an alternative plugin to use if mine is no good.

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