Divi Extended Column Layouts – 5/6/7/8 Column Layouts

June 28, 2016 | Divi, FREE!, PHP, Plugins, Themes, Time Savers, Wordpress | 257 comments

I have been using the Divi builder for some time now and one of the most asked for features seems to be a 6 column layout. I saw in one of the groups recently someone had written something to release but it required a code change to the core which wasn’t ideal. I decided to try and work around any core code changes and came up with this proof of concept plugin. I have copied the 4 col CSS and modified it to suit 6 cols along with several breakpoints to drop from 6 to two rows of 3, then to three rows of 2 and finally 1 per row.

I have since added many more types of layout from 5 and 6 columns and different variants of each. See the screenshots for more information. Added more recently are 7 and 8 column layouts which work well also.

It seems this model can be extended to include ANY number of columns although the only snag right now is that the settings button on the ROW doesn’t work. If you’re happy with the layout or are ok styling with CSS for now then this is ideal. Otherwise it will get you the layout you want and I’ll include a fix for the settings button ASAP. Updates will be released soon so watch this page for info.


Divi Extended Column Layouts (23010 downloads)


Since release this plugin has gained lots more layouts, speciality layouts and support for every gutter size available using Divi. Please request different layouts via my contact form or comment on this post and I’ll get it sorted out 🙂

Update 2

The latest version of this plugin (1.8) fixes an issue on some servers where they experienced a fatal error on activation due to an ‘Unexpected T_ELSE’. This has now been sorted. Everything else remains the same.

Update 3

The latest version of this plugin (1.9) just adds a few more column layout options


Original idea based on a post by Divi Web Design. I had been asked for this in the past but assumed it was a big job. In the end it took two hours to write! But then it’s not quite finished so keep an eye on their Facebook feed for an alternative plugin to use if mine is no good.

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  1. Mario

    Hello everyone, could you tell me why I can not install the plugin and I get this?

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘else’ (T_ELSE) in /kunden/157575_50858/impact/wp-content/plugins/divi_extended_column_layouts/divi_extended_column_layouts.php on line 252


      • mario


  2. Ryan

    Hey I’m getting a fatal error on line 252 when installing the plugin now. I’ve used it a few times before with no issues. Anyone seen this?

    • Sean Barton

      Yep.. just fixed in version 1.8

  3. Heather Wood

    Badass! I’ve been needing 5 column layouts for a long time!

  4. Enrique

    I’ve been needing this feature since Divi came out, and I haven’t discovered your plugin up until a month ago… Since then I’ve addingit to all my sites and love it!!

    The only thing I see is that it doesn’t work in Visual Builder. Are you planning on adding this feature?

    Thanks for your work and congrats!!

    • Sean Barton

      Nothing works in the visual builder i’m afraid. I’ll work on it one day but it’s not going to happen any time soon sorry. ET don’t document their system for extensions so it’s mostly guess work

      • Hari Iyer

        For all the value that you are adding to their platform, they should pay you and even buy your plugin. It’s crazy that they don’t make it any easier..

  5. Ash

    I can not open row setting on v1.8
    js error in Chome console
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘trim’ of undefined

    • Ash

      Sorry I missed your comment on the top of page….

  6. imti

    Thanks a Million, you make my life easy.

  7. camilobuitrago

    Thanks for giving an easy way to have more columns, it is a very useful plugin.

  8. mariet

    thank you, this is good stuff 🙂

  9. Jessica Sanchez

    Hi there! I love your plugin. Is there a way to add custom specialty sections? Or would that be something I could hire you to develop for me? Thanks!

    • Sean Barton

      I can do this for you. If you use the contact me form then let me know what you need then I can add it.

  10. SRH Design

    Amazing plugin! Just discovered this. Is there a planned fix for the Settings bug?

    • Sean Barton

      No not really. It’s something that’s core to the divi builder so it’s on elegant themes to fix it really. I’ll do my best though when I have a moment

    • Hilmar Løland

      I’ve been able to enter the row settings from Visual Builder mode – but not able to enter background stuff to col 5–8…

  11. anhqui's blog

    Thanks! It’s a great plugin. You really make life easier! 🙂

  12. Theuns Coetzee

    Sooooo….. the little “catch” with row settings is a bit of a bugger, isn’t it.

    Quick cheat that allows you some setting control on these custom column rows……….

    Create a standard Divi row, e.g. 3 columns, now open the settings set your gutter width, add a id and or class, save and exit module.
    Now change the row column layout to one of Sean’s custom columns, you’ll notice in the browser some of the settings, especially the ID and class was kept, allowing you to style it easier as it has a specific selector you can target.

    @Sean … Thanks mate awesome tool!

  13. Frans Kemper

    Hello Sean, is there a way in the 6-column layout to horizontal outline the columns? I.E. all same height regardless content?

  14. Sandra

    When we update Divi to 3.0.90 the plugin Divi Extended Column Layouts” is not working properly. You can’t change any row settings if you have a 5 of 6 column layout.

    Is there an update coming for this issue?


    • Sean Barton

      You never could. Did you RTFM

      • opaldigi

        If you go to visual builder you can open the row settings – but you will not be able to change settings for column 5–8. But row background and padding are available…

  15. Karl - Skyshot

    Theuns Coetzee – excellent idea – but I have just used the frontend builder (don’t normally) and access to all row settings are available not really tested but everything appears to work fine – Sean you could point people to this solution. Thanks for the plugin.

  16. Denise

    Hello Sean, this is soooo great!! But how do I upload it on my account?

    • Sean Barton

      It’s just a normal plugin so visit plugins > add new > upload from ZIP and activate

  17. vickumythy

    You are awesome! Thanks so much. Works like a f* charm!

  18. Rachit Sharma

    Your Plugin is awesome. i am using divi from its launch but i was frustrated bcz on for columns.

    Thank You very much for your awesome plugin. keep it up bro. well done…

  19. Oliver

    Hi Sean

    Thanks for this amazing plugin! So many options to get better layouts. And what can I say, my Boss wants a 5 column layout which is 3/5 1/5 1/5. Arrrrghhh, not included. Is there a way to add some Code from you to get this layout

  20. Ane Fourie

    You are my HERO. Thank you so much

  21. tanya bones

    How have I lived without this?? thank you soooo much!

  22. Lee Davies

    Using the 6,7,8 extended section is there Css code for spacing 80% width of the page ?

  23. Michelle Tortorello

    Thank you so much just what I was looking for! Is there a way though to make this full width?


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