Ladies and gents. A new plugin release from me. And yes… it’s another injector.. it completes the set. I have, today, released the cleverly named ‘Divi Search Injector’ plugin. This does what you’d expect. Allows you to, using the Divi Builder, build your search results template and present it in a nice consistent manner with the rest of your site.

The plugin has been being used on Elegant Marketplace for a couple of months now and I’ve only just had a moment to package it all up.

It, like my other injectors, contains bespoke modules for title, image, content, search string, etc… It contains a couple of archive modules.. the lazy way (normal archive) and the immensely flexible loop archive module. Using the latter you can very easily build your search items using the page builder also and have that layout repeated for each item in the search result.

I can explain more as necessary but it is simply a set and forget plugin to allow you to present your Divi search results in any way you like. I intend to add a custom search module very soon as well as adding the ability to have several search pages on your site (product search and news search for instance) or to integrate with other plugins such as my Advanced Custom Fields module. this will all come in the next month or so as well.

Feature requests, as ever, are welcome šŸ™‚

Grab a copy at Elegant Marketplace


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