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Google Charts overview

August 18th, 2008 by Sean Barton No comments »

I came across Google Charts the other day and wanted to let people know what it’s all about. I found it incredibly easy to use to make a simple chart but a little more complicated to make something more complex. The hello world example is given as follows:,40&chs=250×100&chl=Hello|World (should be used within an <img src=”” /> tag) To be clear, Google Charts does not use an API key system like Google Maps which takes a layer of complication away. … Continue reading


WordPress Session Management

July 14th, 2008 by Sean Barton 1 comment »

I’ve been working on YourMembers for some time now and have started selling it on newmedias with Tim Nash and I wanted to get some useful stats on the current state of the website. Luckily the selling site is running on WordPress so I put together a simple plugin to give me some information on my last days visitors. Believe it or not I call it ‘session manager’ and It’s freely available through this site and via the wordpress plugin … Continue reading