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This follows on from a blog post I wrote recently about the WordPress Welcome Email Editor. I have released the plugin into the WordPress Extend Directory. This page is used to host a changelog and screenshots.

As there were no hooks for the welcome email I had to override the wp_new_user_notification function and write my own then simply converted it to use Options and wrote a nice admin page for it. Let me know if I can extend it at all or if you find any bugs..

Downloads have been moved to the WordPress Plugin Directory although you can download the first version below.

>> WordPress Welcome Editor Plugin Page

Admin Email Received

Admin Email Received

Admin Page for Plugin

Admin Page for Plugin

Email Received By User

Email Received By User



  1. Edd says:

    Great plugin Sean – one question: I noticed in the changelog that you removed the reminder function. Is there a reason for that? Some of my admins relied pretty heavily on it to send the password reminders out to the users on our system, and with that feature gone its a little tough to reach out to users who need the reminder! Is it possible that you’ve got a link to the 3.7 version somewhere that I could download and use instead of the 3.9 version, so I can get that functionality back?

    Also, just an FYI – we’ve been using it for “multisite” for a while now, and while I read that you’ve not officially said it was working for multisite, it is working for us!

  2. Shelly says:

    So you don’t know why the BuddyPress shortcode isn’t working? Or what I should look for?

  3. alfonso says:

    good job and have a question who input user_url

  4. Victor says:


    I installed your plugin. It’s very good tool. Thx. I need create own procedure ‘ user register’ and ‘reset password’. How can I use your plugin? Maybe you have created a ready class or functions.

  5. Etienne says:

    Hi Sean,

    Great simple plugin.
    Only had to do some manual update for the password reset mail but that’s all solved.

    Worked great for 2 days.
    For complete unknown reason the register-emails are not custom any more (very brief and basic now) and I can’t find the reason. Just happened overnight.

    Any tips or ideas? Thanks in advance!


  6. Lina says:

    Good plugin, however when I reset the password from an ipad an error is shown.


    • Sean says:

      I would need to know the error. It’s highly unlikely that the use of an iPad could cause the error to be honest. Device and browser tends to only effect the layout and not the functionality which is server side. I could help given some more info if you are able.


  7. Lina says:

    Good plugin however I cannot use it since when a user logs using an ipad and resets his password an error appears
    any solutions?


  8. Martin Jarvis says:

    Hi Sean.
    Good plugin, very useful thank you. Is it possible to configure 2 messages to be sent to new users instead of the one currently?
    Best regards, Martin

  9. 3RDi Photo says:

    Hey Sean,
    Trying to get the custom message for the ‘Password Reset’ to work (SB Welcome Mail Editor) but it continues to use the default settings. Any ideas?

    Cheers, Tim

  10. Elai says:

    Hi Sean,

    Is there a way on authenticating users by confirmation email and not by sending them their username and passwords?
    I’m trying to create a URL (Get method) but I guess your script doesn’t authorize that.


  11. Kellie says:

    Hi Sean,

    Is it possible to edit the “Activate” email with this plugin? This is separate from the “Welcome email” or the “Forgot Password” email.

  12. Eden says:

    I know you probably think we’re all wiz kids at WordPress, but I’ve been pulling my hair out over here trying to figure out the simplest thing which you fail to mention in your instructions: (How to get to the admin page.???????)

    I have successfully install the SB Welcome Email Editor but there nothing that automatically appears on the left sidebar of my dashboard and I’ve clicked onto every single link in hopes that it would pop out in some sub-menu. But for the life of me, I cannot find it! It feels silly to have installed a plugin that I cannot find or use because I have no way of locating it to edit it.

  13. comitzuu says:

    Hey Sean,

    is there a chance for an Update ? Or do you support a purchase version?

    I can´t get the password reset mail to work. Just the register notification mail works fine..

    I´m using WP 3.8.1 and it seems that other users have the same problem. It doesn´t help to deactivate all other plugs..

    Any chance to become the feature for customizing activate mail and comments mail ?

    I think I searched the complete web, but there is nothing similar to find..

    Best regards

    • Sean says:

      Yes the intention is to upgrade this plugin over the next few months. I use it on a lot of my sites and it works well but there seems to be a % of people who are having issues. I would like to remedy that via a rewrite. Watch this space. I don’t have a purchase version and don’t intend to make one. That said I am open to custom jobs if you want a specific feature fast tracking just send me a message via my quote form.


  14. Ian Sayers says:

    is there a simple way of changing the please login by going to …yoursite/wp-login to another page ? one that has been designed ?

    • Sean Barton says:

      You might want to use a plugin like Customise Your Community which is a little old but works well or something like Theme my login which is more modern. Then you just hard code the login url in the welcome email editor plugin settings to the new /login address.


  15. Alex says:

    In the SB Welcome Email settings there’s a graphic bug:
    under “Set Global Email Headers” the two radio buttons are enlarged and full fill the width of the page..

    Can u add plz a custom login/register URL?
    Coz i have another plugin for that and your plugin doesn’t work with..

  16. Paulo says:

    Hi Sean.
    Thanks for this useful plugin.

    I started tweaking the text and the hooks and got lost.

    Is there some place where I can check the original text that the plugin has on the setting, to copy and paste in my blog?


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