I haven’t posted anything for some time now so I thought I might give a glimpse of what I’ve been working on. Mainly I’ve been working on Zencart fixes and smaller projects but I want to tell you about one of the larger ones called YourMembers.

Your Members is a feature packed Membership Management Plugin allowing anyone to turn a WordPress Blog into a fully functioning members site which can accept payments through Paypal.

I think the above paragraph from www.newmedias.co.uk gives a good indication of what it does but it doesn’t really do it justice.

YourMembers allows you to set subscription levels for your blog so some posts are available to some but not others. It allows you to sell individual posts at set prices if you want to or even a combination of the two options if you like. ie: if a post is available only to premium members then you can also set it purchasable so others can purchase them.

I am currently in the process of integrating digital delivery of files through this system so a purchasable post can have a file as part of its content. I am also working on a WordPress MU version of the plugin.

Keep your eye on www.newmedias.co.uk for more information

UPDATE: Of course you will be pleased to hear that YourMembers is now available at newmedias.co.uk. From now until the 10th July 2008 there will be a $20 reduction in cost available by way of a voucher (Details on the website)

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