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February 5, 2013 | PHP, Plugins, Plugins, WooCommerce, Wordpress | 22 comments

woocommerce_logoThis was requested by a commenter on a previous post on a similar subject. I have written in the past extensively about removing the WooCommerce reviews tab. It was suggested that Facebook comments might be an interesting addition and so I have written a very small plugin to add one.

The plugin simply removes the existing WooCommerce Reviews Tab and creates a new one called Reviews showing the Facebook comments system instead. Because the plugin is basic I have provided a few simple options in the code itself. You can configure the title of the tab, the width of the comment area and the number of comments to show.

Simply edit the PHP variables as follows:

$sb_fc_tab_title = 'Reviews';
$sb_fc_width = '600'; 
$sb_fc_comments = '50';

This is a tab called ‘Reviews’,  a width of 600 pixels and to show 50 comments. Edit to suit.

UPDATE: Updated my code for WooCommerce 2.0+.  Use the following link:

[Download not found]

For PRE-WooCommerce 2.0 installations:

[Download not found]

Any comments or feedback by all means let me know

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  1. Jon

    this was exactly what I was trying to figure out, and thought I would have to pay for another plugin.

    thanks for sharing.

  2. Shanae Dykes

    Thank you so much!!! I really needed this solution. Also, thanks for the post showing how to remove the reviews tab 🙂

  3. fais

    I’ve tried your great plugin.. Woocommerce Facebook Plugin.. but when I changed the width in sb_woo_facebook_comments.php, the comment box’s widht didn’t change. What happen to it? Please your answer.

    Faisal, Indonesia

    • Sean

      In my tests you can make it wider and it does resize perfectly. Maybe a conflict elsewhere on the site… or you aren’t changing the right number maybe

  4. Shanae Dykes

    @ Fais, I had the same problem but realized after I deactivated the Woocommerce Facebook Like Share Button plugin, it worked. I was then able to adjust the size. So another plugin may be the culprit.

  5. Shanae Dykes

    I updated my woocommerce and not I’m getting an error where the review section is:

    Warning: uasort() [function.uasort]: The argument should be an array in /home/thewahss/public_html/ on line 792

    This is the coding for line 792:

    uasort( $tabs, ‘_sort_priority_callback’ );

    • Sean

      Hi Shanae,

      Looks like maybe your theme is adding the related products as a tab or calling it before the WooCommerce tabs. However I have rewritten my plugin for you to work with Version 2.0+ now which will make things more smooth.

      See the post content above and download the appropriate file.


  6. Branimir

    Hi Sean,
    I installed the plugin but nothing happens? !
    All properly installed, nothing to fault it does not, there is simply no tabs displayed Facebook.
    Where I’m wrong?
    I have WC 2.0.5.


    • Sean

      Hey Branimir,

      Sorry it isn’t working. Maybe you have used the wrong version of my plugin for this? WooCommerce updated the tabbing system in V2.0+ so perhaps use the latest copy of my plugin which is available on the original post.



    in which file I insert this code?

  8. zenynunez

    In which file I have to insert this code, I could eliminate single-product-reviews.php and put this code

    • Sean


      Your theme functions.php file would be the place from memory. Let me know if you get it to work.


  9. Cecep Saefulloh

    I had install your great this plugin on woocomerce 2.0.12 on WP 3.5.2, after activated nothing has changes on tab beside review.

    I try to dump variable on tabs.php on here’s the result:

    array(1) { [“reviews”]=> array(3) { [“title”]=> string(11) “Reviews (0)” [“priority”]=> int(30) [“callback”]=> string(17) “comments_template” } }

    Any suggest?

    • Sean

      Are you using the WooCommerce 2.0+ version I wrote? that should work.

      • Cecep Saefulloh

        Yes, I did install your plugin for woocommerce 2.0+,

        check this link I display the variable $tabs on file woocommerce/templates/single-product/tabs/tabs.php:

        I dump then result:

        array(2) { [“description”]=> array(3) { [“title”]=> string(9) “Deskripsi” [“priority”]=> int(10) [“callback”]=> string(35) “woocommerce_product_description_tab” } [“reviews”]=> array(3) { [“title”]=> string(11) “Reviews (0)” [“priority”]=> int(30) [“callback”]=> string(17) “comments_template” } }

        On my theme like button facebook and share button is working, but not your’s FB comment

  10. Shannon

    I found this via a google search.

    I downloaded the first .zip file above for Woocommerce 2.0+

    The .zip file has a php file in it. “sb_woo_facebook_comments.php”

    Ok, now what? there are no instructions or explanation or readme.txt on what to do with that file.
    Where do I put it, what else do I have to modify? Kindly reply with installation instructions. Thank you.

    • Sean

      Hey Shannon, it’s just a plugin like any other. Upload it to your plugins directory and activate it. That should be all you need to do. I have explained in the blog post how to configure it for your own Facebook account.


  11. gonzalo

    I installed the plugin, but I can’t see the new tag….I downloaded the 2.0+…can you help me please?

    • Sean

      Did you make the changes suggested by the blog post? It should be working.. Is it in the reviews tab maybe?

  12. Mazhar

    Sean..what a fantastic plugin. Took me all of 30 seconds to solve an ‘important to-do’ for my newbie site.

    Internet is a better place because of contributors like you. Hats off!

  13. Dana

    For people that continue to get here and may not be getting it to show up. First, it doesn’t mention it, but make sure you have the facebook official plugin. (I had done this and deactivated it in the process of trying to get this to work through many means.) Second, make sure you turn off things like disqus, or any other plugin that might be conflicting.

    If you install this plugin and do those 2 things you should be fine. You might have to go through the facebook plugin to set it up. As I said I had already done this. Anyway, it’s working at my site now, and I hope it begins working at yours too.

  14. Jack

    Hi Sean, thanks for your plugin very much. But, I’m really a newbie. I downloaded, install and activate your plugin. But I still don’t know what to do next to add Facebook comments into single product page.
    Appreciate your help very much.
    My website is


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