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May 27, 2016 | Divi, Personal Blog, Plugins, Plugins, Themes, Wordpress | 16 comments

So it’s been another busy week for me. I’ve sussed how to create better modules for the Divi Builder and have today released two more plugins. One to allow the layout of custom post type archives and single post type layouts to be changed according to a Divi Library layout and another to enable the use of Advanced Custom Fields within a couple of modules. Some really cool things going on now.

Again I’ve spent an hour nattering to Eileen from Elegant Marketplace telling her all about the two new plugins and explaining what you need to do to use them.. both independently and together. Using these two new plugins you can create any kind of site without the need to code or use cumbersome shortcodes..

Take a look at the video and read more at Elegant Marketplace

You can view the plugins discussed here:

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  1. Frederic

    Hi Sean, I already bought your 2 plugins but what about if you want to use the CPT on another page than the archive or single page? How to call 2 differents CPT in one page like home page?

    • Sean Barton

      Thanks Frederic, The injector is designed for use on the archive or single templates only. If you wanted to use the modules though you can do this anywhere you like. They will work fine.

      • Frederic

        Thanks Sean. Did you see my support request from Elegant Marketplace and the issue I have where authors display ARRAY instead of the name of the authors?

        • Sean Barton

          Yes please email me directly and we can work it out. I believe that’s to do with ACF and I just need to add support for a new field type. Nice and simple. But I need to add it. barton.sean@gmail.com

          • Frederic

            Thanks Sean for the quick reply! Very appreciated. I contacted you by email.

  2. Ed Holtzman

    Will this work on only the post type ‘all posts’ archive or will it also work on taxonomy archives specific to that CPT? Thanks!

    • Ed Holtzman

      Also, will this work with any CPTs, regardless of how they were created? I don’t use CPT UI… We either use wp-types or just hand code them into functions.php

      • Sean Barton

        Any way at all 🙂 It’s fairly universal

    • Sean Barton

      Hi Ed,

      You’ll need Taxonomy Injector also to make it work for Taxonomies but it will work for any CPT you add regardless of the method used to add it


      • Ed Holtzman

        Outstanding! I did not know Taxonomy injector existed. Thank you very much Sean!

  3. Christiaan Bruinsma

    Hi Sean,

    First, great work for the ACF module and Custom Post type- and Woo Layout Injector. These modules are fantastic to work with. However I encountered a few problems:

    – – – Custom Post Type & Woo Layout Injector – – –
    However when I use a global module (for example a global header or footer section) inside the layouts used by the Layout injector then it doesn’t work and it will output an empty page. It then also uses the: empty.php page template for some reason.

    But when I remove the global modules from the layouts selected in the Custom Post Type & Woo Layout Injector plugins work fine.

    – – – ACF Module: Repeater Table – – –

    Is it possible to have image fields inside the repeater table module? I want the client to be able to add logo’s of companies by using the ACF repeater module.

    But now it only echos the word Array instead of the image. So it does retrieve the data but it then it doesn’t do anything to render an image.

    If you need anything else like login credentials so you can check it out yourself then please let me know.

    But thanks for the great plugins as they do make it a lot easier to do more advanced things with Divi. 🙂

    Best regards,


    • Sean Barton

      Hey there Christiaan,

      Great, thanks for the feedback.

      The injectors don’t currently support global modules as the idea is that they replace them to some degree. I use Divi Layout Injector for headers and footers so rarely come up against this although I appreciate it can be annoying to not be able to use them. It’s not a bug.. more a limitation at this stage.

      Regarding the ACF plugin, I released a new one a couple of days ago that fixes the ‘array’ bug. However it’s due an update so I’ll address making the interface more flexible asap.


      • Brian

        Hi Sean,

        I’m having the same issue as Christiaan with the array bug for displaying images in the ACF repeater module. Any advice as to how to troubleshoot it?

        • Sean Barton

          This is sorted in the latest version

  4. Ian


    Is it possible to add custom fields to the archive layout? For instance could I show a movie rating or movie release date in the archive view.

    • Sean Barton

      Yep of course. Using something like advanced custom fields and my ACF module it works a treat


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