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June 16, 2016 | Divi, FREE!, Modules, PHP, Plugins, Plugins, Themes, Time Savers, Wordpress | 31 comments

Another little plugin from me today. I am told that it would be preferable to not have to delve into CSS if possible in some cases… specifically adding bullet point icons for lists within posts and pages.

My simple remedy to this was to take the standard Text module that comes with Divi and add some more options. I’ve called it the Advanced Text Module which gives me the flexibility to add more functionality to it in future. For now it adds an image upload setting and width/height selectors. Then any UL within that same text module will use those styles.

Update: I have removed the original bullets based on a user comment
Note: In responsive this can cause text to grow somewhat.. Not sure why but in tablet and mobile it sometimes defaults the font settings larger. To fix simply edit the module responsive font size settings in advanced design options and it will be fine. I will find a code fix ASAP.


divi_advanced_text_module.zip (5029 downloads)

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  1. Jacobus

    Hi Sean, looks like a nice plugin. One thing though about this page. You use a lot of abbreviations I have no clue what they stand for (like SB, ACF, CPT, CT, WPSC). Maybe some are known to others, but for me, working with WordPress for over 5 years, I have no clue what these stand for. That makes people leave your blog because they “don’t understand.” Not my words, but scientifically proven to be true. Thought to let you know. Last but not least. Love your body font. Which one is it?

    • Sean Barton

      Hi Jacobus,

      No problem at all.. I am inherently lazy so tend to abbreviate a lot. Let me list them here 🙂

      SB: Sean Barton (me!)
      ACF: Advanced Custom Fields (excellent plugin for WordPress)
      CPT: Custom Post Type (feature to add new types of content to WP)
      CT: Either a Typo or Customer Thermometer, a system I wrote a few years ago.. an excellent tool for customer satisfaction surveys (customerthermometer.com)
      WPSC: WordPress Shopping Cart.. a CRAP(!) eCommerce plugin for WordPress. I’d suggest using WooCommerce any time at all.

      I’m no designer and so this site is basic Divi and using the Lato Light font that it comes with. Really nice isn’t it 🙂

      • Randy

        “Font Finder” says the font is Raleway, not Lato

        • Sean Barton

          It was an old comment referring to an older incarnation of my site

  2. Dehn Merrill

    WOW. That’s awesome man! Well done and thank you. Bookmarking your site too. Gald I saw the post in one of my groups!

  3. Jacobus

    Hi Sean, can’t reply to your reply somehow, so a new comment to say thanks for clearing that up!

  4. howard Cooper

    Looks great… how do I install?

    • Sean Barton

      Hi Howard,

      Thanks! It’s just a plugin so upload and active as normal and the module will show in your page builder


      • howard Cooper

        Thanks so much… this looks great.

        Follow on question though 😉

        How do I create a list without the auto bullets appearing? so that the image bullets are left?

        • Sean Barton

          Hi Howard, The auto bullets shouldn’t be there. Unless I neglected to remove them in my code?


  5. Kevin

    I was the 100th download! Did I win something? =)

    • Sean Barton

      Sure why not. I’ll send you a copy of Divi Layout Injector to play with 🙂

  6. Kristin

    Nice work. Thanks Sean. Saved me a ton of stuffing around writing code.

    • Kristin

      Sean – have just changed line height and text size for mobile, but line wrap is doing weird stuff. http://bph.kristinaustin.com/ – so you can see for yourself. Thanks.

  7. Kristin

    Sean? Anything? I’ve a client waiting for their site to go live so really need a fix.

  8. lookingforjohn

    Hi, Sean. TY for all these freebies, very useful.
    Anyway… 🙂 This one in particular isn’t working with me, all I get is a normal text module settings… What could be causing this?

    TY again.

    • Sean Barton

      Thanks for the feedback. If you email me directly a login to your site I can have a look for you. I suspect you’re adding the normal text module perhaps. It’s actually impossible for the settings to be mixed up I’m afraid so suspect it’s the wrong module.. unless of course a recent Divi update has broken it 🙁

      • João

        Sean, two things

        1) “Some how” now it’s working (“some how” meaning that perhaps I was doing something very wrong).
        2) Sorry for signing with this “lookingforjohn-anomymous-type-of-account”. It was (also) a mistake.

        I apologize for both mistakes. 🙂

  9. moriza

    Great plugin Sean.. thanks . BTW it seem I`m the 201 guy . 🙂

  10. Rajeshkannan MJ

    Were you able to find the fix for automatic setting of 51px of font size in tablet mode or mobile mode?

  11. pierselliott

    Any progress on the font issue?

    • Sean Barton

      Sadly not yet. However you can get around it by resetting the advanced design options page the first time you use it. I’ll fix asap.

    • Sean Barton

      Great blog post there Bruno, sadly that fix didn’t work for me at all 🙁 I got around it in the end with my other products by defining defaults from within the advanced options arrays in each module. If you’d like to ‘fix’ this module for me to show how your approach works I’d certainly be interested in seeing it.

      Thanks for your suggestion. This comment of yours prompted me to fix my modules across all of my products and I’ve just spent the evening updating everything.. so thank you very much indeed for that! 🙂

  12. GarCard

    This may prove useful to some of you: https://jsfiddle.net/Garconis/8m1Lq57y/
    Basically, you can paste in some of the CSS from that JSFiddle, and then just add the class “checklist” to your text module. It will then change any of your bullets into a Font Awesome icon. I much prefer to use font icons when possible, over image files.

    Granted, the CSS does rely on Font Awesome, and adding additional classes for other icons… but I’ve been using that method for a while now and it’s pretty bullet proof and easy once you build up a good set of CSS classes for icons you want to use.

  13. Dean Moore

    Thanks Sean for the freebie we’ll be using it in our work right now.

  14. Julio Cibrian

    Still working as of today! Thank you for this freebie!!

  15. Didik Wahyudi

    Thank you very much, it works on my site. and WOW…



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