A lot of developers and designers just love the look and feel that a timeline gives you. Whether you’re presenting a step by step item, showing chronological data or just featuring some interesting content, a timeline can be the right layout of choice. I have created a module which does just this. Simply add the module and add each timeline item, content, read more link then style it. It couldn’t be easier.

This works responsively also. The alternating item layout in the screenshots works when in 1 column mode and in 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 etc the timeline bar is offset to the left (see screenshots). Each timeline item can have it’s own icon, colour, content and/or read more link so you can showcase your content as you see fit.

This plugin will be updated extensively over the next week or two including the addition of a post/post type based timeline. User feedback is also important and the plugin will be modified/extended based on feedback from the excellent Divi Community.

Take a look at the product on Elegant Marketplace

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