I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but I only just tonight got around to putting something basic together. Since Divi released their latest version which included a footer credits editor, the method I’d usually use to replace the copyright text in my sites has become a little overkill (Divi Layout Injector)! The only advantage that Layout Injector has over the default Divi customizer setting is that using my plugin you can use the WYSIWYG to make more advanced footer areas including text, shortcodes and a whole raft of things. Therefore, I leave this functionality in the Layout Injector but have decided to also split it out into a free plugin… this plugin!.. in order to let you edit your footer text using the rich text editor (TinyMCE).

Please see the screenshot for more details and go nuts! There are a couple of shortcodes included for convenience.. one for the date and another for the site name. The rest you can make up as you go along 🙂 Any questions just ask.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


It’s a plugin.. install it in the ‘normal’ way and then use the settings page below the WordPress settings page to configure your footer.


I have left this functionality almost exactly the same in my popular plugin Divi Layout Injector so if you already use that then this plugin won’t add anything else. I thoroughly recommend the power of the injector but for simple sites this is a nice lightweight plugin to get you going!


SB Divi Footer Editor (624 downloads)


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