Wow.. it seems like all I’m doing is writing plugins these days.. why not eh! What a great way to pass an evening. This one was spurred on from an Elementor Pro teaser showing the ability to modify the section dividers.. those being where you have two or more sections on a page and you’d like to make the gap between the two look prettier, maybe adding a pattern such as a zigzag or wave or something more niche like an image more relevant to your business.

So.. fast forward a day and I have completed a means to elegantly select your section styles and written a bunch of SVG and CSS based dividers such as waves, zigzags, clouds, water, triangles and good old fashioned diagonal lines. It was a joy to write and I’m very happy announce the release of the Divi Section Manager plugin.. now available on Elegant Marketplace.

If you’d like to see a Demo of this in action, take a look at

Take a look at the product page on Elegant Marketplace here

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