I’ve been working on a new plugin that I’d love to tell you about. It’s gone live on Elegant Marketplace TODAY.

So what is it you ask? It’s a plugin to allow you show and hide any Divi element (sections, rows and modules) using any number of filters that I’ve provided for you. Sounds a bit far fetched and now you’re asking yourself what you would possibly use it for?

Let me tell you…

Let’s say you have a membership site. The homepage, prime real estate!, needs to sell your premium offerings. However, when logged in you surely want to remove all of that and show the premium offering also?! This plugin can do that.

Next example.. you run an eCommerce site and want to show additional information to those who have purchased or perhaps hide pricing until the user has logged in. Use this in conjunction with Woo Injector and you could do that (some PHP needed, contact me if you need help)

We had a great example on the Facebook group. A user runs a restaurant and wanted to show different menus at different times of the day. A Breakfast menu until the lunchtime menu comes in at which point the same “Menu” page could then swap out to show the evening menu.

One of the main features of this, as above, is the concept of time. You can time sections, rows and modules to show/hide at any time of day or any date/time combination. It’s very versatile and great for developers to extend also. Give it a look over and let me know what you think!

What’s better still, it’s currently on offer for the next 48 hours via the coupon code DDL50 (valid until the 19th July).

Here’s the video.. or just skip to the Elegant Marketplace product page by clicking here

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