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July 17, 2017 | Divi, Plugins, Plugins, Themes, Wordpress | 20 comments

I’ve been working on a new plugin that I’d love to tell you about. It’s gone live on Elegant Marketplace TODAY.

So what is it you ask? It’s a plugin to allow you show and hide any Divi element (sections, rows and modules) using any number of filters that I’ve provided for you. Sounds a bit far fetched and now you’re asking yourself what you would possibly use it for?

Let me tell you…

Let’s say you have a membership site. The homepage, prime real estate!, needs to sell your premium offerings. However, when logged in you surely want to remove all of that and show the premium offering also?! This plugin can do that.

Next example.. you run an eCommerce site and want to show additional information to those who have purchased or perhaps hide pricing until the user has logged in. Use this in conjunction with Woo Injector and you could do that (some PHP needed, contact me if you need help)

We had a great example on the Facebook group. A user runs a restaurant and wanted to show different menus at different times of the day. A Breakfast menu until the lunchtime menu comes in at which point the same “Menu” page could then swap out to show the evening menu.

One of the main features of this, as above, is the concept of time. You can time sections, rows and modules to show/hide at any time of day or any date/time combination. It’s very versatile and great for developers to extend also. Give it a look over and let me know what you think!

What’s better still, it’s currently on offer for the next 48 hours via the coupon code DDL50 (valid until the 19th July).

Here’s the video.. or just skip to the Elegant Marketplace product page by clicking here

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  1. Dale Reardon - My Disability Matters

    Great plugin – I just read about it on the Elegant blog.
    Can it be used to hide widgets and/or sidebars completely on mobile devices? Adding options for actions based on users device would be great.
    I am only new to Divi so maybe that can be done in other ways.

    • Sean Barton

      Yes this could be done using user agent. I could help you writing a function to make it happen using the plugin

  2. Alex Hutson

    Hi Sean,

    This is an awesome plugin!

    Would there be a way to change the content based on a user’s previous actions – e.g. they previously completed a form on a landing page to download an eBook?



    • Sean Barton

      Yep although it’d require a quick function writing to make that work. I could help you with it though no problem

  3. lisanewcomb

    Will this work for, say, showing content based on whether a person/user has visited the site in a set amount of time (24 hrs, 48 hrs, etc) … IP address-based?

    • Sean Barton

      Hey there, yes it could be.. it would be based on session though as IP address storage would require server side storage. Incrementing a session based hit count would be easy enough I suppose. If you do purchase then ping me a support ticket or email and I’ll get this integrated for you.

  4. John Barousse

    Does it work with the Divi builder plugin, or just the theme?

    • Sean Barton

      The Divi Builder plugin also 🙂

  5. calvinhorseandwater

    Hi Sea, Plugin looks great – need to see if it’ll work for a clients needs exactly:

    Would we be able to have a user press a ‘find out more’ button and that trigger the display of a divi row that isn’t shown otherwise?

    • Sean Barton

      Yes but you’d need a page load in there. It physically removes the html from the markup on output so it’s not simply just hidden. For this I’d add a $_GET parameter and look for that using my plugin.

  6. fellene

    You just saved my bacon, Sean! I have been working on a Divi site with an event section that needed to turn on and off by date. I had found another shortcode plugin but it didn’t work for sections or rows. This is IT! I am a very happy coder today. It installed easily and is very intuitive to use. Good work!

  7. kpmetrics

    Could this be used to show or hide content based on a cookie value?

    • Sean Barton

      Yes, I think that’s built in

  8. Patrick Michel

    Is it possible to set a condition that take the page name as the condition : “if the page is called xxx show…” ?

    • Sean Barton

      Yes, you’d need to write it but it wouldn’t be too hard to be honest

      • Patrick Michel

        Thanks for your response Sean, bit I wouldn’t know hoe to go about it. Any thoughts?

  9. Marco

    I am searching for a solution to the super-annoying issue of anchors not working on Safari on IOS. So it would be fantastic if your plugin could detect the type of browser and let me show different code (nothing for safari on IOS and the anchor link for all the other browsers). How difficult is to implement this feature on your plugin?

    • Sean Barton

      You’d need to write a custom function to detect the user agent (easy enough) and then show/hide accordingly. It’d be quite easy if you could write up a php function to determine the browser in a consistent way.

  10. Scott Weber

    Hi, where are instructions to update Divi Display Logic manually without risking losing any settings? Thanks!

    • Sean Barton

      You can do so manually or automatically. It won’t lose any settings.. even if you turn it off


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