Easy Digital Downloads, a digital/virtual product alternative to WooCommerce, is pretty good in my experience. We use it on Elegant Marketplace and it successfully runs a multi vendor marketplace handling thousands of transactions a month. Using Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) with Divi or Extra yields less than attractive results. Product pages look like blog posts without any targeted styling and it’s largely shortcode based.

You could use a different theme of course such as Vendd but we’re here because we love Divi so that’s not really an option! Enter the EDD Injector plugin. You can simply make layouts using the Divi Library for the single product page (download.. EDD calls products Downloads) and for the product archive page (a grid of downloads etc) and assign them centrally using the EDD Injector settings page. More information and a helpful video over at Elegant Marketplace.

Take a look at the Easy Digital Downloads Injector here: https://elegantmarketplace.com/downloads/easy-digital-downloads-injector/

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