If you’ve ever made a Divi site and wanted to change the header and logo sizes you may have noticed that when you save your settings and load the page it does a little jump. It’s known as the jumping header and it’s one of the biggest and most commented on issues with the theme. The problem is that the fixed header is absolutely positioned and the gap at the top of the site is automatically generated.

Some pages have large headers, some have small and Divi has to contend with this. It does so using a Javascript function which is a couple of hundred lines of logic long. Many developers have posted ways to fix this issue using a couple of lines of CSS but it means you need to know what you’re doing and fix the header height based on numbers you need to provide. It’s also not fool proof and can confuse things a tad.

So my new FREE plugin, named The Ultimate Jumping Header Fix, is available on Elegant Marketplace is a simple activate and forget method of fixing this issue. It’s not 100% perfect and is offered without support but we believe that 9/10 times it’ll sort out your site and you’ll never have to worry about this again.

Give it a look over on EMP here: https://elegantmarketplace.com/downloads/the-ultimate-jumping-header-fix/

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