No I’m not getting rid of Divi.. I love it! Sometimes though, for some reason, people want to move their sites to another platform or theme. The only issue with that though is that the Divi Builder uses shortcodes to format content into columns, rows and modules. Once you switch theme you end up with a LOT of shortcodes showing on what would be a live site which isn’t desirable at all.

You then have two options, use the Divi Builder plugin on the new theme OR sit and remove the shortcodes so your users eyes don’t bleed trying to find out what your site is saying šŸ™‚

In the Divi Theme Users Facebook Group a few days ago there was a conversation whereby someone had the same issue and a simple PHP function was recommended. Someone else suggested that this should be made into a plugin. So I pounced and obliged!

Enter Bye Bye Divi!, the free plugin to remove Divi shortcodes. Simply install as normal, visit the settings page, prod the button and you’re done!

On installing the plugin you’ll see a new settings page below Settings in the admin area. You will see two buttons, one to test and one to action the request. Click test and it will process 5 rows but NOT change any data. You will see the output before and after and you can then decide if it’s what you want to do, Once you are happy to proceed you can press the blue button and it will remove all ET related shortcodes from your content with the exception of the Divi Library which will remain intact. This is because no other plugin uses that post type and it’s a handy place to store your layouts should you ever want to return to Divi or the Divi Builder.

Once you have processed the content then you can safely remove the plugin. I can’t stress enough how important a database backup is BEFORE processing this action. There is no easy way to go back in bulk although in theory you could use the WordPress revision system to revert each of your pages as necessary although the process would be time consuming.


Bye Bye Divi! (107 downloads)

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