Elementor Contact Form DB – Update 1.2

September 16, 2018 | Elementor, PHP, Plugins, Updates | 19 comments

Those of you who know my work will know that I tend to focus on Divi development. I’ve got one Elementor plugin at the moment which is called Elementor Contact Form DB, a free plugin I released a year ago to facilitate saving contact form module submissions from the Elementor Form module to the database. With over 5500 downloads since release it’s been extremely popular but the one thing that it sorely needed was the ability to export that information to a CSV file. Well that’s now a reality in V1.2, released today on this site.

The download link is below and on the original post. To update you simply remove the old version of the plugin from your site and add the new one from ZIP (add new, upload etc..). Don’t worry.. your data is all safe! There is also no additional configuration necessary with the new version.


This new version brings two new admin pages to the system.. one of which is for settings. This includes a link to remove the ‘admin nag’, the red bar at the top of the site that tells you when you have a message to read. Whilst this is really useful, you might prefer to use the plugin to simply store the submissions so you have a backup without being hassled when you visit the admin. Now you can do this with a simple checkbox!

The other option is, of course, the export feature. This allows you to easily export your form submissions by page submitted on (the only consistent thing we have to group the forms by) and it’s very effective. New and unique to the Elementor version of the system is also the ability to export by Form ID. This won’t work with backdated data but it will work with any new data where the form has a Form ID filled in. The Form ID can be set using the additional settings tab of the Elementor Form module, it adds an ID to the HTML form tag which you can use to target the form with CSS and JS but we can also use that to save forms uniquely in the admin area and export by form which is far more useful/reliable than relying on a per page submission. I’d encourage you to set this up as soon as you update if possible.

The final update, something that people have found irritating is the lack of the bulk select, pagination, search, etc.. settings on the submissions page. I tried to make the initial version interface less cluttered and, in doing so, removed some fairly crucial buttons. I’ve put them all back now for convenience.

Whilst this plugin remains free (and always will be), it’s taken time to develop and so why not buy me a coffee or two (green box on this page below the screenshots). Everything received helps to support the continued support and development of this and other plugins by Tortoise IT. More for Elementor coming asap!


Elementor Contact Form DB (10220 downloads)



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  1. Corné

    This is great news! Thanks a lot! Is there a way to give rights to an editor to download the csv?

  2. calzbert

    Why is not this great plugin in the official WordPress repository?
    if we had it, we could benefit from automatic updates, right?
    Thank you!

    • Sean Barton

      It will be, I just need to get around to it. sorry 🙁

  3. Steve

    Not all fields are saved to the db. I get them all in the email and in the db all the fieldnames are there, but many of them do not contain the values I entered. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Robert

    Hello. Firstly I want to say thank you for this plugin.
    It seems that since a recent update of Elementor and/or Elementor Pro, that your plugin is not functioning correctly. It is no longer keeping a record of the information being submitted by the forms. Just thought I’d bring this to your attention.

    Much appreciated!

  5. Eroz

    Thank youuuuuu! great job

  6. Rod

    Hi Sean. This plugin is great! I have a question, I installed on a brand new site (so I used this newer/latest version of the plugin. But when I submit forms it doesn’t register any values. The forms comes in and shows on the Dashboard Elementor DB etc, but the values (i.e. name, email, message) are empty! Do I have to install the ‘old’ version first?

    Thank you
    Rod recently posted…Are All Introverts Shy?My Profile

  7. Rod

    Hi There. Quick question… Any idea why the “values” are not coming through each form submission on the backend? I’ve tried everything from testing each [field_id=””] separate, removing/reinstalling plugin, relabeling everything etc, and same issue. It just seems the leads come in empty! We don’t received emails so this is the only way we have to see what leads came in 🙁
    Please help. Thank you for your time.

  8. Alex

    Hi, i installed this plugin, i filled out a contact form made with Elementor. In the Dashboard i saw the admin nag, i click on it and then i clicked on the submission, none of the fields i filled out is showing, just the date of submission, what’s wrong with the plugin??

      • Alex

        thanks a lot man!

      • Alex

        thanks a lot man!!

  9. Agnes

    Hi, this looks promising, but unfortunately does not really work for me: only labels are recorded, with no valuess, except for the date of submission.
    I am using WP 5.1.1 with Elementor Pro 2.5.4, Elementor Form DB 1.2, and WPML 4.1.3.

      • Phil

        Is it possible to fix the submissions where the data is still not showing? Yes, the latest version (1.4) is now displaying the submission data, but for any submissions made while the plugin was not functioning (1.2) correctly the data is still not being displayed even though the data is in the database.


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