Bug Fixes

WordPress plugin update – Welcome Email Editor – Support for V4.3+

I’ve written many plugins over the last half decade or so. My first was Welcome Email Editor. WordPress, by default, doesn’t allow for the welcome email to be edited. The normal action and filter system is not used to edit it and instead it uses a... read more

WP Dev – Plugin conflict… no problem!

I am the author of the WP Welcome Email editor plugin. I wrote it a few years ago to solve a problem in WordPress.. something which has yet to be solved although various plugin alternatives are available. My plugin allows editing of the WordPress welcome email and a... read more

WordPress Snippet – Clear Transients

Transients are a wonderful way to temporarily cache pieces of information within WordPress. They are very flexible so you can store objects, strings, JSON.. anything really! They are used commonly in widget plugins whereby content is generated or, more commonly,... read more

WooCommerce sites breaking after upgrade to 2.1

WooCommerce, which I am a huge advocate for, has released V2.1 a few weeks ago. Much to the elation of everyone who follows their work too because the way the plugin is progressing is a real positive and invaluable resource for the WordPress community. Sadly for me... read more

Help! Help! My [X] doesn’t work! – How to sort out basic WordPress issues and getting to the cause of a problem without the need to panic

Happy new year! About this time of year clients come out of the woodwork after a lovely Christmas and with a renewed enthusiasm in their business and sites. So the first thing they do is mush the big Upgrade button within WordPress and upgrade their site core, theme... read more

WordPress Page Excludes plugin support for Custom Post Types

I have been using the Exclude Pages plugin for WordPress by simonwheatley for a couple of years. It was invaluable before the new wp_nav_menu stuff arrived and now I don’t use it so much but a few of my clients still do. The thing it doesn’t support out of... read more

WP Ecommerce custom email content

The WP Ecommerce system itself is a huge pain in the backside to use and work at times as we all know but a nice saving grace is that the plugin has a huge range of hooks and filters which we, as developers, can write plugins and blocks of code to extend. My latest... read more

Terminal takes an age to load on my Mac? The solution

This has been bugging me for months… whenever I opened up the Terminal App on my iMac it took a good 30 seconds to do anything. I only just now, whilst waiting for it to load, bothered to Google the answer. Apparently it makes use the asl directory underneath... read more

WordPress SB Mail Attachment Widget Update (V1.1)

A minor update today to improve the delivery efficiency of the emails with attachments. If you have no idea what this plugin is then check out my original post on it a few weeks ago here. Some users were reporting issues with the email coming through as ignoring the... read more

How to fix the flaw in the WP Ecommerce table rate shipping module

Catchy title eh! It’s difficult to name such a post but I have just diagnosed a client’s site and realised that there was a bit of an error in the WPEC (WPSC) table rate shipping module. Reading the code it looks like the table rate module is designed to... read more

Turn off theme CSS for the visual editor in WordPress 3.3+

It’s been on the cards for months and WordPress has finally added the inbuilt function whereby CSS files declared on the front end are now also declared on the edit item (post/page/custom post type) pages within the admin system. This is wonderful for some but,... read more

WordPress plugin queue jumping made easy

Hi all. Happy new year etc.. I have plenty of plans for the next 12 months but won’t go into them unlike every other person with a blog is undoubtedly doing at the moment. I want to keep this strictly useful information and me telling you I want to shift some... read more

Getting the WordPress Excerpt outside of The Loop

I have been working my way around this one for a few months now, never bothering to think about the best solution. There is not, in fact, a WordPress simple function to get the excerpt outside of the WordPress loop. Why would you want to do that you ask…... read more

WP Ecommerce template redirect

Today I spent a good two to three hours making zero progress on a site which I was upgrading. I am making changes to the design but sadly didn’t get that far as first I decided to update WordPress and the plugins. The upgrade to WP 3.2.1 went well as did every... read more

SB Child List Update 1.2

Just a quick one today… I have just checked in an update to the SB Child List plugin. It has been hugely popular with the WordPress community with only the one complaint to date… the reliance on the GUID field in the wp_posts table. For some reason... read more

WordPress sites hosted by Rackspace Cloud hacked!

I spent the best part of last night helping someone sort out their hacked sites. An interesting problem really… it’s a hack that has been effecting WordPress sites hosted with Rackspace Cloud and early speculation suggests it’s to do with an outdated... read more
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