The Ultimate Jumping Header Fix – Free plugin

If you’ve ever made a Divi site and wanted to change the header and logo sizes you may have noticed that when you save your settings and load the page it does a little jump. It’s known as the jumping header and it’s one of the biggest and most... read more

How to turn off Divi minification and static CSS file generation

For a few versions now the Elegant Themes team have been working on making Divi faster and more efficient. This is wonderful news for the community but sadly there have been some teething problems and, until now, takeup and confidence in the features not quite as... read more

WordPress plugin update – Welcome Email Editor – Support for V4.3+

I’ve written many plugins over the last half decade or so. My first was Welcome Email Editor. WordPress, by default, doesn’t allow for the welcome email to be edited. The normal action and filter system is not used to edit it and instead it uses a... read more

WP Dev – Plugin conflict… no problem!

I am the author of the WP Welcome Email editor plugin. I wrote it a few years ago to solve a problem in WordPress.. something which has yet to be solved although various plugin alternatives are available. My plugin allows editing of the WordPress welcome email and a... read more

Disqus conflict with WooCommerce rating/review system fix

I was recently asked to fix a conflict between the Disqus plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. It turns out that when active it (Disqus) breaks the rating/review system which is reliant on the WordPress comment functionality. James over at Proserveweb appears to have... read more

Contact Form 7 – doing *something* when an email has been sent

I love contact form 7, unlike a fair few others who have either purchased Gravity forms or who have gotten stuck using something like CForms which I really don’t get along with. I use it on every site I write and, with the new addition of the Flamingo plugin... read more

WordPress Snippet – Clear Transients

Transients are a wonderful way to temporarily cache pieces of information within WordPress. They are very flexible so you can store objects, strings, JSON.. anything really! They are used commonly in widget plugins whereby content is generated or, more commonly,... read more

WooCommerce sites breaking after upgrade to 2.1

WooCommerce, which I am a huge advocate for, has released V2.1 a few weeks ago. Much to the elation of everyone who follows their work too because the way the plugin is progressing is a real positive and invaluable resource for the WordPress community. Sadly for me... read more

WordPress theme development CSS core

I write a lot of themes for my clients and, like a lot of other professional developers, use a base theme to start from. The theme I use is the fabulous Bones by Themble however every single time I write a new site and start to put the content in I come across a... read more

WP-Ecommerce suppress pending payment email

Hands up if you hate WP-Ecommerce. I would do both but then I wouldn’t be able to type this out. Following on from a request from a client of mine the Pending Payment email goes out just as you get to Paypal/Sagepay/Worldpay/ etc… and is normally noticed... read more

SB Spider Framework

Ever wanted to work on a live site or a dev site without version control? I know a bit silly but what 90% of the developing population do. This script will spider your site files and report back any file paths which have been modified in a certain time frame. It means... read more

Help! Help! My [X] doesn’t work! – How to sort out basic WordPress issues and getting to the cause of a problem without the need to panic

Happy new year! About this time of year clients come out of the woodwork after a lovely Christmas and with a renewed enthusiasm in their business and sites. So the first thing they do is mush the big Upgrade button within WordPress and upgrade their site core, theme... read more

WordPress default featured image

I have often wondered what to do in WordPress if no featured image is used for a page or post. Normally I just use a getter and if it’s empty then I will use an image defined in the template. This is ok for new sites although not as efficient as this method... read more

Custom JS validation for WordPress post/page creation

I just wrote an interesting snippet of code which I thought that you might find useful. Essentially I need to validate the new item (post/page/custom post type item) page at add-new.php and edit.php in wp-admin. Currently as far as I can tell there is no way to easily... read more

Customising the output of the WordPress Download Manager plugin shortcode

I had a request this morning from a client who uses the WordPress Download Manager plugin. I can’t say whether it’s any good or not but the admin interface seems ok to me. It does, however, lack somewhat in the settings department. When you add the... read more

WordPress Page Excludes plugin support for Custom Post Types

I have been using the Exclude Pages plugin for WordPress by simonwheatley for a couple of years. It was invaluable before the new wp_nav_menu stuff arrived and now I don’t use it so much but a few of my clients still do. The thing it doesn’t support out of... read more
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