Layouts Cloud gets a MAJOR update!

We have released today a huge update to one of our more popular plugins, Layouts Cloud (AKA Divi Cloud). Since 2017 we have operated a subscription service for layouts designed and brought straight to the Divi Cloud plugin on your site to the tune of 20 per month for... read more

Divi Display Logic V2.3 Released. VB Support!

I am pleased to announce that Divi Display Logic has now launched as V2.3. I’m happy with the functionality and effort that’s gone into the plugin. If anyone finds any issues please report it here or via the support system ASAP. Every effort has gone into testing the... read more

It’s Black Friday! What’s going cheap then?

Hi everyone and happy Black Friday. If I were any good at marketing I would have written this two weeks ago with countdowns and teasers but alas I am just a dev who doesn’t think ahead 🙂 Take a look below for my deals and how you can get hold of them. ALL deals... read more

Divi: Breaking up is never easy

As a true Divi aficionado and a Facebook procrastinator I read a lot of stuff online and often feel the need to comment and either help out or remind people that the problems they are having are in fact PEBKAC. On some posts though I feel the need to branch out and... read more

Handy JS/CSS Snippet: Style Divi contact form errors differently to feedback messages

Just a quick one for you today. I’ve been asked by a customer about how to add some different styling to the Divi Contact Form module depending on whether a submitted form has error or feedback message. Sounds simple right? In principle it’s a bit of CSS... read more

To child theme or not to child theme, that is the question?!

Is it the question? Well actually no.. it’s not a question at all. Not one that needs to be made in any case. Let me reel back a bit. What is a child theme? A theme, such as Divi or GeneratePress contains all the files you need to make a site look and feel (and... read more

Plugin Spotlight: Page Builder Cloud

Randy Brown has kindly written a spotlight post on the Page Builder Cloud system for us. He goes into significant detail about how it works and how to use it. Do give the article a read.. It’s probably better at explaining it than I could produce and I wrote the... read more

Free Plugin: Bottom Fixed Logo for Divi

A couple of weeks ago I saw a request for a fixed logo in the bottom corner of a site on one of the Divi Facebook groups. I had a spare ten minutes so threw together a little plugin for the poster. It seemed quite a cool little thing so I thought I’d share it.... read more

Free Plugin! Meta Slider Preview Slides

A little free plugin from me today. I work with a client who is using the MetaSlider plugin on a few sites. It’s a nice free slider plugin for WP with a rather simple and unencumbered admin interface. The problem is that it lacks a couple of handy features. One... read more

Page Builder Cloud is now live!

Based on an idea that myself and Andrew Palmer from Elegant Marketplace had, we have created Page Builder Cloud. It’s being talked about a lot on social media at the moment but what exactly is it? Well.. imagine if you could save your layouts from any number of... read more

My first WordCamp, thoughts and takeaways from WordCamp Europe 2019 in Berlin

Fair warning. This post started out as a recap but ended up as a brain dump of interesting anecdotes and stories about my week in Berlin. Enjoy! TL;DR: Had a great time, met some nice people.. You must go, it was awesome! So as those of you who follow me on Twitter... read more

Wordcamp EU 2019 – (Pre) First Day!

I’ve just arrived at WordCamp EU in Berlin for the first day of the festivities. It’s technically contributor day (of which I am not) and so I’m just here to look around and get the lay of the land a bit. The venue is overflowing with so much WP... read more

Elementor Contact Form DB V1.3

Just a quick note to say that the popular plugin (nearly 9000 downloads and counting!) has been updated. Something that changed in a recent Elementor Version caused an issue whereby the fields didn’t save. I’ve since fixed this issue and added a couple... read more

Layouts Cloud for Elementor – Launched Today!

Hi everyone and happy new year. Here’s to an exciting and prosperous 2019! Those of you who know what Divi Cloud is will know how popular it’s been over the last year or so. I, in conjunction with Andrew Palmer of Elegant Marketplace, have done all of the... read more

Sean Blithers on about responsive development in Divi

Me again! This time talking about responsive development, media queries and what sort of things you may utilise in Divi/Extra. A bit of fun (for me at least)! A bit of reading here if you’re interested in media... read more

Sean talks about child themes on Divi

Todays short (20mins) video is me waffling on about Child Themes… should you use one, types and some other bits and pieces. More ideas for things you’d like to know welcome please... read more

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