SB Add WooCommerce Tabs – WordPress Plugin

You have been asking for this so I wrote it for you. This plugin is a very simply way of adding a WYSIWYG controlled tab to your WooCommerce products. It does the legwork for you and all you need to do it edit 1 line in the plugin file to set the tab name and to... read more

SB Mini Features WordPress plugin

I was inspired by the wonderful work of the WooThemes team when I saw and subsequently used the various features on the custom home pages that come with their theme work. I noticed that often a theme will create a number of custom post types in order to allow the... read more

SB Custom Page Override Menus WordPress Plugin

Ok so a client of mine wanted to be able to override the header menu on certain pages on their site. I created a plugin which did just that.. and more! WordPress uses Theme Locations to define areas in which a menu can be placed. For instance you might define a... read more

WordPress page header images made easy with SB Uploader

A couple of years ago I wrote a plugin called SB Uploader. I did this because I didn’t like the media library that WordPress used and wanted to setting the featured image within any WordPress post or page simple. Well after a couple of years of development it is... read more

Selecting the right theme for your WordPress site.

I spend a great deal of my time writing new themes for people by design. I work closely with graphic designers who make bespoke layouts and imagery for me to work into a WordPress theme. However given the financial climate these days a fair few people are asking for a... read more

How to remove the WooCommerce 2.0+ Reviews tab

On the 6th of March (I think) the lovely guys at WooThemes graced us with a lovely new version of their fantastic WooCommerce plugin. They changed a lot of things, most of which I have yet to absorb. A couple of notable things though caught my eye. You may or may not... read more

WooCommerce VoguePay, CashEnvoy and Eyowo plugins now written

Some background perhaps.. Nigeria, as a nation, has a huge amount of stigma around it after various different online scams and a general feel of corruption about it. In fact I am sorry to say that the people of Nigeria have it incredibly hard on the internet and to... read more

SB WooCommerce Facebook Comments Plugin

This was requested by a commenter on a previous post on a similar subject. I have written in the past extensively about removing the WooCommerce reviews tab. It was suggested that Facebook comments might be an interesting addition and so I have written a very small... read more

Help! Help! My [X] doesn’t work! – How to sort out basic WordPress issues and getting to the cause of a problem without the need to panic

Happy new year! About this time of year clients come out of the woodwork after a lovely Christmas and with a renewed enthusiasm in their business and sites. So the first thing they do is mush the big Upgrade button within WordPress and upgrade their site core, theme... read more

Adding your own WooCommerce Tabs simplified step by step

My original tutorial on WooCommerce product tab addition has gone down very well. However it has been brought to my attention that people who don’t know much PHP are struggling to follow it. This is ok.. we all need to start somewhere but for convenience I have... read more

SB Random Post Plugin

I actually wrote this maybe two years ago thinking that I would release it at some point. I just remembered that I didn’t get around to it so here it is.. finally! The plugin is designed to output a random Post and it’s content via a shortcode. It creates... read more

Adding your own currency to WooCommerce

I have been asked on a few occasions by people how to add a new currency to WooCommerce. It’s actually incredibly simple to do thanks to the excellent WooCommerce API. Simply add the following code to your theme functions.php file or to a plugin of your own for... read more

WordPress SB Mail Attachment Widget Update (V1.2)

Minor update today to this plugin. For those of you that don’t know what it does… it creates a widget which acts like a contact form except with the simple twist of allowing for a file upload. I wrote this for a couple of recruitment sites which allow... read more

WooCommerce Interswitch WebPay WordPress Plugin

I have recently integrated the Interswitch WebPay payment gateway into the popular WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. It sends the user off to Interswitch to enter their payment information as normal. Then they return to the site with their information in POST it sends... read more

WordPress default featured image

I have often wondered what to do in WordPress if no featured image is used for a page or post. Normally I just use a getter and if it’s empty then I will use an image defined in the template. This is ok for new sites although not as efficient as this method... read more

Custom JS validation for WordPress post/page creation

I just wrote an interesting snippet of code which I thought that you might find useful. Essentially I need to validate the new item (post/page/custom post type item) page at add-new.php and edit.php in wp-admin. Currently as far as I can tell there is no way to easily... read more
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