WooCommerce sale notifications via Pushover – Free plugin!

So I use WooCommerce a lot.. those who read this site regularly will know that. I’ve been selling stuff for a long time via my own websites and also facilitating other people selling things via their own sites. One thing that I have never liked is the email... read more

Woo Layout Injector featured by 1WD

I’ve been in this market a while now and I have to say I still am both pleased and frightened to read that other people have written reviews about my plugins. Each time I see a link I feel the need to read it all through and just pray that the news isn’t... read more

WooCommerce programatically add a coupon based on a page view via a shortcode

Just a quick one from me today. I am using a coupon to apply a discount to an order for a client (why not eh..?!) but the problem is they don’t want a coupon based approach for everyone and sometimes just coming from a certain source or landing on a certain page... read more

Make WooCommerce Coupons more user friendly by telling people what they are getting in your own words

WooCommerce is, as the WordPress community agrees, a behemoth of fabulous functionality and extensibility. It’s what I wish all plugins were like in terms of their cross compatibility and ease of use. I had an interesting issue yesterday which involved the... read more

WooCommerce ‘Test’ payment gateway plugin

I work with WooCommerce a lot as you might remember from previous posts. I frequently find myself asking clients to put through payments for me so I can test landing page modifications which inevitably involves the Paypal sandbox or, more frequently, a relentless... read more

Disqus conflict with WooCommerce rating/review system fix

I was recently asked to fix a conflict between the Disqus plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. It turns out that when active it (Disqus) breaks the rating/review system which is reliant on the WordPress comment functionality. James over at Proserveweb appears to have... read more

WordPress snippet – WooCommerce free shipping by role

I have just been working on a WooCommerce site were the client needed to allow free shipping for certain levels of user. This seemed like a simple requirement but the WooCommerce line was to use Table Rate Shipping which would be fine if it wasn’t $200 (cmon... read more

WooCommerce sites breaking after upgrade to 2.1

WooCommerce, which I am a huge advocate for, has released V2.1 a few weeks ago. Much to the elation of everyone who follows their work too because the way the plugin is progressing is a real positive and invaluable resource for the WordPress community. Sadly for me... read more

WooCommerce plugin to create bespoke and customisable landing pages

WooCommerce is a wonderful plugin. I often rave about this and use it as often as possible in my projects. It has excellent support for third party plugins and API access. One thing that is a little fiddly at times is support for shortcodes. The WooCommerce shortcode... read more

SB Add WooCommerce Tabs – WordPress Plugin

You have been asking for this so I wrote it for you. This plugin is a very simply way of adding a WYSIWYG controlled tab to your WooCommerce products. It does the legwork for you and all you need to do it edit 1 line in the plugin file to set the tab name and to... read more

How to remove the WooCommerce 2.0+ Reviews tab

On the 6th of March (I think) the lovely guys at WooThemes graced us with a lovely new version of their fantastic WooCommerce plugin. They changed a lot of things, most of which I have yet to absorb. A couple of notable things though caught my eye. You may or may not... read more

WooCommerce VoguePay, CashEnvoy and Eyowo plugins now written

Some background perhaps.. Nigeria, as a nation, has a huge amount of stigma around it after various different online scams and a general feel of corruption about it. In fact I am sorry to say that the people of Nigeria have it incredibly hard on the internet and to... read more

SB WooCommerce Facebook Comments Plugin

This was requested by a commenter on a previous post on a similar subject. I have written in the past extensively about removing the WooCommerce reviews tab. It was suggested that Facebook comments might be an interesting addition and so I have written a very small... read more

Adding your own WooCommerce Tabs simplified step by step

My original tutorial on WooCommerce product tab addition has gone down very well. However it has been brought to my attention that people who don’t know much PHP are struggling to follow it. This is ok.. we all need to start somewhere but for convenience I have... read more

Adding your own currency to WooCommerce

I have been asked on a few occasions by people how to add a new currency to WooCommerce. It’s actually incredibly simple to do thanks to the excellent WooCommerce API. Simply add the following code to your theme functions.php file or to a plugin of your own for... read more

Adding your own tabs to Woocommerce and Woothemes

A short while ago I wrote about how to remove the reviews tab from Woocommerce themes like Wootique (See image to the right). As a reply I was asked how we can add our own tabs and panels with custom or fixed content inside so I thought I would write this quick follow... read more
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