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I’ve been working on a variety of plugins for Divi over the last few months. So far I have a neat little range of really useful ‘Injector’ plugins which are designed to inject or replace page layout for different types of content.. posts, pages, custom post types, taxonomies, author pages and, of course, WooCommerce!

In addition to the Injector range of plugins I have written some smaller (and cheaper) offerings which do a great job at some specific tasks. I have also released some free plugins and showcased them here on my site. Paid plugins are sold via Elegant Marketplace.

Divi/Extra Layout Injector

Edit the footer text. Globally assign any layout to various aspects of any page. Injection points are pre-header, pre-content, post-content and pre-footer. Many settings and features to explore

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Woo Layout Injector

Infinitely lay out your WooCommerce product pages, product category pages and the shop page using layouts build in the Page Builder. Loads of options and flexibility. Updated regularly with more features

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Custom Post Type Layout Injector

Using this plugin you can define the archive and single layouts for any custom post type using the Divi page builder via the Divi Library. Use the new modules provided to craft layouts to effortlessly build sites such as Real Estate, Recruitment, Directories, etc..

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Divi Search Injector

A plugin to allow you to modify the layout of your Divi Search Results pages using the Divi Builder. Complete with custom modules to give your site a very personalised feel

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Divi Menu Module

The Divi menu module only works with fullwidth sections but this is a similar module to work with any normal width section. Works well with Divi Layout Injector!

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SB Add New From Library

Have you ever tried to explain to a client how to use the Divi Builder and how to load a saved layout for new posts. This plugin facilitates that.. you simply choose a layout on an attractive custom admin page and it does the rest!

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Divi Extended Google Fonts

A neat little plugin to hugely extend the number of available Google Fonts within divi from 50 to over 700! Just activate the plugin and it will work straight away.

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Divi Timeline Module

A module to create a fully responsive timeline module for the Divi Page Builder. Allows you to add each item with variable content and style accordingly.

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Advanced Custom Fields Module

This handy little plugin provides three custom modules for the Divi Builder. Single Field, A table of fields and a repeater display option. These can be used individually or via one or my injector plugins to use any Advanced Custom Fields item on your pages/layouts. No coding or shortcodes required!

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Taxonomy/Author Archive Layout Injector

Edit the layout of any category, tag or custom taxonomy page using the page builder. Edit the author archive pages also. All authors and taxonomies can be set on a global level or set individually. This very flexible plugin uses the Divi Library and custom modules to provide a lot of flexibility to any site build

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Slick Slider Module

A plugin which integrates the fantastic Slick jQuery Carousel into a Divi Builder module giving a number of options to make image or content driven slides in a variety of layouts responsively.

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Divi Popup Builder

A module based plugin to allow you to create modal windows (popups) based on a trigger which could be a button or image. The popup can be powered by one of five things: Image, Video, iFrame, Content via WYSIWYG or a Divi Layout.

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Smaller Divi Plugins

These plugins are smaller but still provide a lot of useful functionality to any site.

Add New From Library

If you want to give your clients a site that uses Divi Layouts but don’t trust them to import them properly when adding new content, this plugin facilitates that. It does it by providing an ‘add from library’ button in the admin sidebar which, when pressed, takes the user to a layout selector. On clicking a layout they are taken to the new content item page with the selected layout pre-populated and good to go!

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Hide Woo Cart

One of my first plugins for Divi, this allows you to centrally show/hide aspects of WooCommerce. From the header cart to the buy now buttons and prices on the archive pages. It’s cheap and it’s handy..

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Divi Layout Overrides

A very simple plugin to set the default, non sidebar, layout for each post type and page. Use a number of select boxes to choose a variety of basic layout based options.

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FREE Divi Plugins

These plugins are free and available to download via this website

Free Plugin: Bottom Fixed Logo for Divi

A couple of weeks ago I saw a request for a fixed logo in the bottom corner of a site on one of the Divi Facebook groups. I had a spare ten minutes so threw together a little plugin for the poster. It seemed quite a cool little thing so I thought I'd share it. This...

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Free Plugin! Meta Slider Preview Slides

A little free plugin from me today. I work with a client who is using the MetaSlider plugin on a few sites. It's a nice free slider plugin for WP with a rather simple and unencumbered admin interface. The problem is that it lacks a couple of handy features. One that...

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Bye Bye Divi!

No I'm not getting rid of Divi.. I love it! Sometimes though, for some reason, people want to move their sites to another platform or theme. The only issue with that though is that the Divi Builder uses shortcodes to format content into columns, rows and modules. Once...

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The Ultimate Jumping Header Fix – Free plugin

If you've ever made a Divi site and wanted to change the header and logo sizes you may have noticed that when you save your settings and load the page it does a little jump. It's known as the jumping header and it's one of the biggest and most commented on issues with...

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Elementor Contact Form DB – Free Plugin

Note: There is an updated version of this plugin available. The download link on this page shows the updated version but to find out in more detail what was changed please read this post. So I've been experimenting with Elementor recently and noticed that a plugin I...

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Divi Sticky Sections – Free Plugin!

Hi all... a little Saturday freebie for you all today. I had been asked by a client to see if I can get a cascading effect to work with a Divi site. So a section will show on your site and as you scroll it pins itself to the top of the screen.. then as you scroll...

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Free plugin – SB Divi Footer Editor

I've been meaning to do this for a while now but I only just tonight got around to putting something basic together. Since Divi released their latest version which included a footer credits editor, the method I'd usually use to replace the copyright text in my sites...

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Divi Extended Column Layouts – 5/6/7/8 Column Layouts

I have been using the Divi builder for some time now and one of the most asked for features seems to be a 6 column layout. I saw in one of the groups recently someone had written something to release but it required a code change to the core which wasn't ideal. I...

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Divi Advanced Text Module

Another little plugin from me today. I am told that it would be preferable to not have to delve into CSS if possible in some cases... specifically adding bullet point icons for lists within posts and pages. My simple remedy to this was to take the standard Text module...

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