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I am a freelance WordPress plugin and theme developer based in Crewe, Cheshire, UK. I’ve been at this for nearly 15 years now and you could say I know a thing or two about PHP and WordPress. I have extensive experience using the Divi Theme and write/sell my plugins on Elegant Marketplace. I’m also involved with a number of other projects and schemes ongoing.  This site is a blog primarily where people who want to know more can find out more about what I’m doing/releasing and get a taste for the sorts of things I’m capable of.

If you’re new to this site then a very big WELCOME to you and do have a look around. If you’ve got any questions or comments please use my contact form, hire me form, Facebook Group or if you’re into that human interaction thing then just pick up the phone and drop me a line!

I have just spent a few hours looking at the dire attempts at making a product slider for WooCommerce. In the end I decided I couldn’t justify even $12 for a premium ‘effort’ on account of it being a bit dire. It seems these days people will cough up for things just because they are…

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It’s been on the cards for a while this one but I have just arranged with my Accountant for my new company to open it’s virtual doors. Nothing will really change for me or this site for now although I have an excellent new theme to put live very soon and a WordPress Clinic to…

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I am getting asked more and more these days for a membership type site where people need to be part of the ‘club’, team or group to see certain content. In most cases there is only one membership level and the site is geared differently based on your context… There is a plethora of WordPress…

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I have just put together this little plugin after the umpteenth request to add a slider to a site. Yes I know there are a fair few available in the WordPress plugin directory but I really do like simplicity and the others don’t generally offer that. This one doesn’t give you every option under the…

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I released this plugin a while ago after a client needed something similar for selling their product. I have since extended it a few times and using a few different payment gateways but they were quite obscure. Now you are able to use Paypal, the worlds most popular online gateway, with my plugin. It’s only…

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Last year I wrote a post talking about the different types of content protection you can use on a site. I went ahead and wrote something very basic for those of you that want to sell their plugins or themes and need a basic way to protect their work. This plugin which I am rather…

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The WP Ecommerce system itself is a huge pain in the backside to use and work at times as we all know but a nice saving grace is that the plugin has a huge range of hooks and filters which we, as developers, can write plugins and blocks of code to extend. My latest issue…

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This has been bugging me for months… whenever I opened up the Terminal App on my iMac it took a good 30 seconds to do anything. I only just now, whilst waiting for it to load, bothered to Google the answer. Apparently it makes use the asl directory underneath /private/var/log. ASL is an acronym for…

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A minor update today to improve the delivery efficiency of the emails with attachments. If you have no idea what this plugin is then check out my original post on it a few weeks ago here. Some users were reporting issues with the email coming through as ignoring the HTTP headers and including all of…

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Catchy title eh! It’s difficult to name such a post but I have just diagnosed a client’s site and realised that there was a bit of an error in the WPEC (WPSC) table rate shipping module. Reading the code it looks like the table rate module is designed to be used exclusively or in conjunction…

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About this site and Sean Barton

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Sean Barton is a Freelance PHP Website Developer in Crewe, Cheshire. He is a Wordpress and CMS/Framework specialist.
This site was set up in 2008 as a tutorial and scripting resource for the PHP language and Wordpress.
Find out more about Sean on the About Me page or use the Hire Me page to get in touch. For more information about Sean's work take a look at the Portfolio

Our Services

  • Wordpress plugin/theme development
  • Divi specialist
  • Ecommerce (Woocommerce, WPSC, Shopify, Magento)
  • PSD to Wordpress theme conversion (Responsive)
  • Website design work (Banners, Logos, Full Site, etc)
  • Website analysis (security, usability, SEO)
  • API Integrations (InfusionSoft, SalesForce, Ontraport, Customer Thermometer, etc..)
  • Wordpress consultancy & expert advice
  • Crisis support
  • Website hosting

The main services offered are Wordpress based although we do a great deal of technical programming for bespoke systems. From troubleshooting, extending frameworks, finding bugs to writing them from scratch.

Find out more by looking through our past projects or get a quote.

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