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I am a freelance WordPress plugin and theme developer based in Crewe, Cheshire, UK. I’ve been at this for nearly 15 years now and you could say I know a thing or two about PHP and WordPress. I have extensive experience using the Divi Theme and write/sell my plugins on Elegant Marketplace. I’m also involved with a number of other projects and schemes ongoing.  This site is a blog primarily where people who want to know more can find out more about what I’m doing/releasing and get a taste for the sorts of things I’m capable of.

If you’re new to this site then a very big WELCOME to you and do have a look around. If you’ve got any questions or comments please use my contact form, hire me form, Facebook Group or if you’re into that human interaction thing then just pick up the phone and drop me a line!

Here’s an recipe for you… Take one Linux server, add a sprinkle of forgetfullness and leave for an amount of time. Not a standard recipe I know but this is exactly what I just had to deal with (in my defence it wasn’t me that forgot the password). At work we have a server we…

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Yes it sounds fairly elementary doesn’t it… yet I can’t find a PHP function to just do it? If, like me, you store your currency values in your database as integers (don’t ask why, I just do) then you need to multiply by 100 on the way in and divide by 100 on the way…

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I just had a problem at work whereby the version of office installed in the last 30 days needed activating and the product key was not working. Luckily we have several Office keys sitting in the server room so I set about trying to change the key on the machine without having to reinstall. This…

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Something which regular readers might be aware of is that WordPress has taken up most of my attention for the last year or so. It seems a very flexible Blogging engine come CMS that can almost deal with anything… almost. When you begin to use it you think wow great flashy AJAX everywhere but when…

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I have just written a plugin which allows you to run PHP code from a WordPress post or page. The story is that I needed to allow a WordPress user to hook into a bespoke function from the body of a page. There were two obvious ways to do this: Add a new WordPress Page…

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I have read a fair few tutorials written by others using classes and DOM functions to create XML from arrays. But what happens if you have an older PHP installation or prefer to keep things really simple as I do. The following function declarations generate an XML string from an associative array. In my scripts…

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MaxMind seem to be the only company that offer some level of free geolocation. You do, however, have to delve into their site (or google it) to find the Open Source section where you can download the free binary database and look at the documentation. To give MaxMind some credit though their documentation is excellent…

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For those of you that don’t know what it is, Subversion (or SVN for short) is a popular open source version control system used all over the world. Previously people have used other systems like CVS however SVN seems to now be the standard. Firstly here is a little information about clients, skip past it…

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On seeing the title of this post your first uncontrollable outburst may be ‘Why on earth would I want to do that?‘. On further reading, you may decide that PHP is the way to get tables created from within an automated install process (WordPress plugin activation or PHP based software ‘installation’). It may trigger another…

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This tutorial will show you how to setup a Local Development Environment on your Mac the proper way (not using MAMP or XAMPP). I will also give examples of some of the software you can use for your day to day development including an IDE, SQL Browser and Subversion client. Since OSX Leopard (I think),…

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About this site and Sean Barton

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Sean Barton is a Freelance PHP Website Developer in Crewe, Cheshire. He is a Wordpress and CMS/Framework specialist.
This site was set up in 2008 as a tutorial and scripting resource for the PHP language and Wordpress.
Find out more about Sean on the About Me page or use the Hire Me page to get in touch. For more information about Sean's work take a look at the Portfolio

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  • Wordpress plugin/theme development
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  • Website analysis (security, usability, SEO)
  • API Integrations (InfusionSoft, SalesForce, Ontraport, Customer Thermometer, etc..)
  • Wordpress consultancy & expert advice
  • Crisis support
  • Website hosting

The main services offered are Wordpress based although we do a great deal of technical programming for bespoke systems. From troubleshooting, extending frameworks, finding bugs to writing them from scratch.

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