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I am a freelance WordPress plugin and theme developer based in Crewe, Cheshire, UK. I’ve been at this for nearly 15 years now and you could say I know a thing or two about PHP and WordPress. I have extensive experience using the Divi Theme and write/sell my plugins on Elegant Marketplace. I’m also involved with a number of other projects and schemes ongoing.  This site is a blog primarily where people who want to know more can find out more about what I’m doing/releasing and get a taste for the sorts of things I’m capable of.

If you’re new to this site then a very big WELCOME to you and do have a look around. If you’ve got any questions or comments please use my contact form, hire me form, Facebook Group or if you’re into that human interaction thing then just pick up the phone and drop me a line!

Happy new year! About this time of year clients come out of the woodwork after a lovely Christmas and with a renewed enthusiasm in their business and sites. So the first thing they do is mush the big Upgrade button within WordPress and upgrade their site core, theme and/or plugins. And then what happens? Well……

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Most people who use Excel (other spreadsheets available.. just not as good) for a living will have gotten used to hitting the return key on their keyboard to go to the next row down in their sheet. On a website this is obviously has a different action. In fact it’s immensely frustrating when you hit…

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I have just written a little extension for the Exp:resso Store extension for ExpressionEngine. It’s not a lot of code but, once again, opens the door for people in Nigeria to actually take payments via their website. This time it’s for EspressionEngine and not for WordPress, my CMS of choice. It’s fairly simple to add…

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My original tutorial on WooCommerce product tab addition has gone down very well. However it has been brought to my attention that people who don’t know much PHP are struggling to follow it. This is ok.. we all need to start somewhere but for convenience I have put it all into a plugin and commented…

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I actually wrote this maybe two years ago thinking that I would release it at some point. I just remembered that I didn’t get around to it so here it is.. finally! The plugin is designed to output a random Post and it’s content via a shortcode. It creates an admin page to template around…

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I have been asked on a few occasions by people how to add a new currency to WooCommerce. It’s actually incredibly simple to do thanks to the excellent WooCommerce API. Simply add the following code to your theme functions.php file or to a plugin of your own for this to work. I used this same…

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Minor update today to this plugin. For those of you that don’t know what it does… it creates a widget which acts like a contact form except with the simple twist of allowing for a file upload. I wrote this for a couple of recruitment sites which allow people to send in their CV. You…

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I have recently integrated the Interswitch WebPay payment gateway into the popular WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. It sends the user off to Interswitch to enter their payment information as normal. Then they return to the site with their information in POST it sends a CURL request to the Interswitch server which returns the payment status….

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This is something that people seem to be searching for so I thought I should write a post to explain. It seems that the general knowledge of websites and their costs is fairly low and therefore I shall explain. There are four main costs when setting up a new website. These are Domain, Hosting, Design…

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I have often wondered what to do in WordPress if no featured image is used for a page or post. Normally I just use a getter and if it’s empty then I will use an image defined in the template. This is ok for new sites although not as efficient as this method which uses…

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Sean Barton is a Freelance PHP Website Developer in Crewe, Cheshire. He is a Wordpress and CMS/Framework specialist.
This site was set up in 2008 as a tutorial and scripting resource for the PHP language and Wordpress.
Find out more about Sean on the About Me page or use the Hire Me page to get in touch. For more information about Sean's work take a look at the Portfolio

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  • Wordpress plugin/theme development
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  • PSD to Wordpress theme conversion (Responsive)
  • Website design work (Banners, Logos, Full Site, etc)
  • Website analysis (security, usability, SEO)
  • API Integrations (InfusionSoft, SalesForce, Ontraport, Customer Thermometer, etc..)
  • Wordpress consultancy & expert advice
  • Crisis support
  • Website hosting

The main services offered are Wordpress based although we do a great deal of technical programming for bespoke systems. From troubleshooting, extending frameworks, finding bugs to writing them from scratch.

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