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April 17, 2017 | Elementor, FREE!, Wordpress | 30 comments

Note: There is an updated version of this plugin available. The download link on this page shows the updated version but to find out in more detail what was changed please read this post.

So I’ve been experimenting with Elementor recently and noticed that a plugin I wrote for Divi could be ported over easily enough to offer similar functionality. The plugin for Divi is Divi form DB and is premium but the Elementor version is, cleverly named, Elementor Form DB. Cryptically the functionality is thus.. it stores contact form submissions from the Elementor Pro Form Module in a handy interface on the back end of WP.

To make things even better, this plugin both notifies admin users of unread messages via a banner but also allows you to convert these contact form requests into any other post type. This means you could use a contact form to get people to submit testimonials, case studies or even front end submitted content. It makes a simple contact form into a very versatile module indeed.


Install the plugin like any other. All contact forms using the Elementor Pro Form module will thereafter automatically be recorded in the system. Emails will still be sent as normalso don’t worry about that either!

Visit the admin page and you’ll see a list of form submissions with their dates, page they were submitted on, number of times cloned, etc…


* < V1.0
* - Initial Version
* < V1.1
* - Fixed for latest version of Elementor Pro
* V1.2 (2018-09-15)
* - Added export functionality by Form ID and by page submitted on
* - Removed limiting CSS so that paging and bulk delete is possible
* - Added settings page housing an option to hide the "nag", the red bar notifying of submissions


Elementor Contact Form DB (6586 downloads)


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  1. Corné

    Hi, it’s not working with the latest update of elementor/elementor pro

    • rknason

      Hello. This is a nice, helpful and useful plugin. Would it be difficult for you to add a bulk delete feature and also bulk permanent delete for the trash as well? Sometimes I want to clear out all the messages permanently.


  2. Sherry

    Is there a way to export the data for the purpose of adding to a list in MailChimp?

    • Sean Barton

      Sort of. The data lives in a custom post type so you could use any wordpress export tool to get the information out and then format it for mailchimp.

  3. Verdi

    It’s awesome Sean, great work as usual!

    Please consider uploading this to WP Repo for easy updating. Cheers mate!

  4. Carl

    from within my wp dashboard, what name do i type in the add plugins search box? i typed in “elementor contact form db” but only get “no plugins match your request” thank you!

    • Sean Barton

      You just download it from this page.. There is a download link above.

      • Carl

        thank you…! once i use the plugin i will give you feedback on it…

  5. DougM

    Quick question with this…can it be used for multiple forms? ie a contact form and a testimonial submission? And then, display only the testimonials on a page?

      • DougM

        Is there by chance some info out there on how exactly to do this?

  6. David

    Hi, i want to say thanks for helping people who like to learn and get closer to wordpress world, awesome job, i only have a question, when i choose “Elementor DB” on the dashboard it appears: “No contact form submissions found.” I am using Contact-form7 to make the form…im missing something? Cheers!

    • Sean Barton

      Yep. it’s for the elementor contact module and so won’t be compatible with CF7. Sorry 🙁

  7. ed

    Sean, after installing db, I only see 25 of 60. The reminder do not show up on other pages – Whats up?

    • Sean Barton

      Looks like my code to hide the pagination has come back to bite me. Simple fix in the short term is to remove the CSS from the plugin and it’ll work. Open the file, look for some css and delete it 🙂

  8. kim

    Hi Sean,
    Thank you for creating this plugin. A couple of questions…
    1. Is there a way to export all of the Elementor Pro form submissions to a csv file?
    2. If so, can records also be exported on a per form basis, like with CFDB7.to capture submissions?

    Thank you!

    • Sean Barton

      Not yet but I did it for my Divi plugin along the same lines so will update this one soon.

  9. Moshe Eshel

    Hi Sean, thanks for the nice plugin, glad that Elementor forms now have such a feature!
    Like the person above exactly! +100 (I used to use CF7 with https://cfdbplugin.com/ and had a lot of use for that functionality)
    The table view is very comfortable, especially the support for exporting out records, and separating entries by form name
    also the option to delete multiple entries
    Thank you!

  10. Fin Fafarafiel

    Sean, its awesome, helped me so much! But one question – is there any option to export stores subbmisions to xml/csv?? I would be even able to pay to add this function:)??

    • Sean Barton

      It’s possible for me to do this but I’ve just not had time yet 🙁

      • Corné

        Hi, Export to csv anytime soon?

  11. David Dunnington

    Awesome work this was the only thing stopping me from using Elementor Forms. Thanks

  12. Erik Magnethi

    Great DB plugin, already moved from CF7DB – but 😉
    – it would be even greater with bulk delete, showing IP address in the overview and export to file button.
    Thanks, – stay awesome…

  13. Minh Tao

    Awesome work! Incredibly detailed design. Thank you!

  14. Elad

    Hi Sean, it really is a great plugin.
    I’m also interested in exporting the data and willing to pay for that.
    Let me know it’s possible.

  15. steveroz

    Export to csv will be available soon? Excelent job !

  16. Oliver Gilpin

    I really need the export to CSV function PLEASEEEEEEEE!!

  17. Krystal Arms

    How does this plugin store the data? Is it put into the mysql database or elsewhere?


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